Honest-to-Goodness Review of the ‘Fat Burning Switch’

I took a look – ie an honest-to-goodness ‘review’ of a new digital-download product called the “Fat Burning Switch” the other day and wanted to provide my view on this program. I’m always a little skeptical about the way in which these products are marketed with their promises of feeling younger, better, more healthy and…

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Do Fitness Trackers REALLY Help Burn Fat and Lose Weight? Maybe Not

I know that fitness trackers are the rage, look cute and smart, but do they actually let us lose weight?  Are they the fat burners that many think they are? I’ve always had my doubts, not the least because I remain just a little sceptical about these ‘shiny object’ type tools that are supposed to…

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burn belly fat with this juice

Can This One Drink Burn Fat While You Sleep?

Is it true? Can this ONE drink actually burn fat like nothing else? I love to check on what health drinks actually work and which are too sugary or ineffective, but this drink can actually develop incredible fat loss if regularly consumed. It has the advantage of being a simple mixture, yet it is something…

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burn fat by walking

How Far Do You Need To Walk To Burn Fat?

If you’re like me you love walking.  It is one of the best forms of exercise and yet it can also be a hugely effective way to lose weight and burn off that fat. How much fat can  you burn walking? It depends how often you are walking, you could lower one pound or more…

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A Safe Way To Shed Pounds In 30 Days

Reports and the ‘evidence’ from newspapers demonstrates that the average woman will spend over 30 years on a diet. For men, it is two or three years less, but there is another, more significant fact and it is one I wrestled with following diet failure after diet failure . . Are you ready for it…

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