Some Good Coffee & Health News – Does Your Coffee Intake Actually Affect Fat Burning . . Or Longevity?

A new survey provides some interesting information about the drink The issue of how much coffee you should drink and what it does for fat burning and even longevity is something that has provoked controversy for some time. It has been maintainted that the morning coffee just dehydrates you before a workout and that caffeine … Read more

3 Supplements That Can Aid Longevity

science + supplements

We know that aiding longevity and life expectancy involves a variety of factors, such as our diet, exercise and other matters, but are there supplements that can aid the process and give us more options about how we age? “Scientists believe that there are some supplements that can naturally activate our longevity genes,” Lewis Dartnell … Read more

Review: The iGuerburn Simple IP3 Player

The Guerburn Simple MP3 Player has some unique attributes for those facing the challenge of dementia Alzheimers with its ability to bring pleasure into the lives of those suffering from this disease. Guerburn Simple MP3 Player is uniquely designed to ease the challenges of dementia Alzheimer’s and bring positive experiences into the lives of older … Read more

What Is The VERY Best Yoga Mat?

You may think that all Yoga mats are created equal. However, you would be wrong. There are a variety of Yoga mats on the market and many have aspects that do not create them to be ‘equal’. For instance, consider the key criteria for a good Yoga mat, which includes factors like the following – … Read more