5 Simple Ways To Intermittent Fast For FAST Weight Loss

Can intermittent fasting actually work and – if so – how “intermittent” should it be?  Many people are wary of fasting, but at the same time it is known to be one of the most effective weight loss methods – and overall health improvers – currently in vogue. But what is the correct way to … Read more

The BMI Calculator For Men, Women & Kids

The Body Mass Index is the tool used to measure your appropriate weight for age. The calculator (below) can help you do that quickly, but in fact recent reports indicate that a brand new index may be more accurate in assessing your appropriate weight. And that is the Relative Fat Mass Index (RFM) The team … Read more

Weight Loss App For Kids Sending the Wrong Message

The first thing you see when you go to the new WW site is the price. The second, when you scroll down, is your choice of weight loss plans. For all its rebranding as a “wellness” resource, along with claims that the company no longer just focuses on weight loss Related posts: 5 Simple Ways To Intermittent Fast For … Read more

6 of the Best Electric Toothbrushes (As Recommended by Dentists)

Of all the power or electric toothbrushes on the market, which are those that dentists say are best for you? A power toothbrush can make major differences to the cleanliness and plaque-free situation of your teeth, combing with flossing to provide the ultimate in dental health. And choosing the correct toothbrush involves a combination of … Read more