6 Benefits of Botox That You May Never Have Guessed

Here are six key benefits of Botox that you may never have known about that Botox can assist with using either surgical procedures or through injectable treatment that will produce the desired results, beyond the purely facial appearance improvement that most might seek.

Botox treatments are very well known for their cosmetic treatment benefits and to reduce signs of aging but there are other benefits that botox can bring for you beyond just fixing those frown lines.

But what is Botox?

It is best known as a cosmetic treatment handling issues like frown lines, forehead lines, fine lines on the face including the mere appearance of wrinkles. However it has also been used successfully to improve facial expressions, droopy eyelid issues, and to ease the aging process for those seeking a younger appearance.

Botox use a toxin called onobotulinumtoxinA as the active ingredient to provide a temporary relief from muscle movement. It usually involves nonsurgical treatment and can be applied in small doses although cosmetic botox treatment will vary considerably depending upon the results sort. Effectively it amounts to plastic surgery without the scalpels and more intrusive, but less dramatic visual appearance changes. Like chemical peels and laser hair removal, Botox has fully entered the galaxy of an appearance medicine staple.

What are other benefits of botox that may surprise you beyond retaining (or regaining) a youthful appearance? Botox can be used on other areas of the body and to help deliver results well beyond just the Beverly Hills style popular cosmetic treatments that many are so familiar with.

Here are six great benefits to Botox that can provide greater quality of life beyond the appearance issues we are so familiar with.

Muscle Pain

It can reduce muscle pain, which can be a more significant problem for older people who wish to retain an active life. The Botox treatment can effect nerve signals and can be very effective in treating pain related to muscular issues, including a wide range of such issues such as back and neck pain, arthritis and muscle spasms.

Reduce Sweating

Sweating excessively can be reduced through the use of botox or a botox procedure. It became prescribed in the United States in 2004 for severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis


Chronic migraines can improve through the use of Botox and it became a prescribed remedy for chronic migraines or to lead at least to fewer headaches back in 2010. The injections would occur in different parts of the head and neck and the benefits for those suffering severe or chronic migraines are significant.

Eye Twitching

This is an issue that may not be worthy of hospital treatment, but it is an issue that can indicate some nervous or brain disorder.

However Botox can be used to deal with the issue very effectively. Botox will temporarily paralyze the muscles that it is injected into and it can work with the eye twitching issue, blepharospasm just as it does with facial wrinkles. When Botox is injected in small amounts into the muscles around the eye it can reduce the spasms although repeat injections will be necessary.

Smooth Out Your Neck

While Botox is used for dynamic wrinkles and muscle contractions, there is the ability to erase horizontal wrinkles which some call the treatment of the ‘Botox necklace’ which can smooth the skin around the neck. Often aging will lead to enlarged neck muscles, which is something Botox can remedy and it can also create an improvement in the face overall – almost like a nonsurgical facelift.

But remember that repeat treatment is required as Botox breaks down after three or four months so keep that in mind.

Overactive Bladder

Botox can help with the overactive bladder issue involving injection into the bladder to remove the issues relating to incontinence, which can frequently arise from neurological problems. Often there are exercise therapy and the like that have been ineffective in treating such bladder issues, but which Botox can assist with very effectively.

As many as three quarters of patients treated for urinary incontinence and suchlike means these issues have been treated effectively.

There is no doubt that Botox has moved well beyond just appearance medicine utility and has generated benefits for a wide range of issues that improve quality of life, well beyond merely improving the appearance of those who undertake Botox through cosmetic injections or otherwise.

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