A Cool Grammar Take a look at That 95% of Individuals Fail

Try your skills with this spelling test 95% of people fail. When was the last time you actually had to test your spelling skills? Your 6th-grade spelling bee?
Autocorrect can sometimes annoy us and even leave us in some pretty awkward situations. But, be honest, we’ve kinda grown dependent on our phones’ and computers’ spell check feature.
This quiz will be divided into simple, intermediate, and advanced sections with gradually increasing difficulty. And some of these words leave even the smartest completely baffled! Only 5% of people get all of them right! You’ll need to finish the sentences with the correctly spelled word. While you’re taking the test, keep track of the answers you get right. At the end of the video, you’ll get your results.


Easy-peasy level 1:05
Level up 2:48
“Spelling Guru” level 4:30
The results:
Less than 10 words 6:18
At least 10 words 6:27
10 to 14 correct words 6:33
All of 15 words 6:43

-The first 5 questions of the test are a warm-up before the real challenge.
-It’s time to move one level up, can you make it?
-Level 3 is a challenge only a real spelling guru can win at. Let’s see if you can proudly call yourself such a guru.
-If you got less than 10 words right, you might want to consider working on your spelling skills a little more.
-If you’ve chosen at least 10 correctly spelled words, your level is that of an extremely smart sixth-grader.
-If your score is from 10 to 14 correct words, not too shabby! You can be proud of yourself for your spelling skills.
-If you knew the spelling of all 15 words, you’ve passed the test that 95% of people fail.

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