Review: The iGuerburn Simple IP3 Player

The Guerburn Simple MP3 Player has some unique attributes for those facing the challenge of dementia Alzheimers with its ability to bring pleasure into the lives of those suffering from this disease.

  • Guerburn Simple MP3 Player is uniquely designed to ease the challenges of dementia Alzheimer’s and bring positive experiences into the lives of older adults.
  • iGuerburn music player is the perfect size, not small, not large, perfect for a tabletop radio esque look. We recommend this gift to every grandparent and caregiver.

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Here’s a Rundown of What We’ll Provide in This iGuerburn Simple MP3 Player Review

  • Features and benefits of the iGuerburn Player
  • Special features of the player
  • Drawbacks to the iGuerburn
  • Video outline of the player
  • The iGuerburn manufacturer – who are they?
  • What Amazon reviews have to say about the player?

Features and Benefits of the iGuerburn Simple MP3 Player

The iGuerburn Retro Boombox has capacity of 16GB, which lets the tool play almost 3000 songs or audio books.

  • The player has a 16GB capacity which lets around 3000 songs or audio books to be played.
  • Bright, attractive colors, which are ideal for those who have sight impairment
  • A good tabletop size and look with a ‘retro’ feel that appeals to many older folk
  • Easily portable, which is a great advantage
  • Strong, durable construction material
  • Half hidden volume button on the set
  • USB plug and play link that avoids the need for messy and complicated wiring.

Special Features of the iGuerburn Simple MP3 Player


The Music Player is a great size for older adults and easily able to be placed on tabletops and elsewhere.

It also has bright colors, which is an attractive feature for the elderly for a variety of reasons but simply adds the color with the music and ease of use to create a top product.

It also has the simple controls that make the who player great to use.

The player includes large ON / OFF buttons and PLAY / STOP buttons for simple, easy access and use.

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Drawbacks for the iGuerburn Music Player

Hard to come up with too many here, but it does not have an FM radio feature which some products in this range do, such as the Sangean wood cabinet player.

It is not Bluetooth compatible.

Video of iGuerburn Music Player

About the Company Making the iGuerburn Player

Founded in 2011, iGuerburn Inc is a company that makes products for seniors, particularly those suffering from alzheimer’s or dementia. The company has wide experience in the manufacture of such products and strives to provide quality products, exceptional customer service along with our 100% Guarantee policy.

What Amazon Buyers Have to Say About the iGuerburn MP3 Player

75 per cent of the Amazon reviewers gave the iGuerburn MP3 Player a 5 star rating – currently 116 global ratings for the player.

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Among the comments –

. . brought it for my 89 year old mum. My only quibbles are the lack of being able to reshuffle songs when loading . .


Speaker volume can be turned very loud but keep clear in good quality. When I turn it to maximum, I hear a beeping sound to alarm me. (beeping sound does not overwrite the song.) Overall, it is a good design.


I never do reviews, but the person for whom I purchased this absolutely LOVES it. So this is a great product for its purpose. 


This player has been so very helpful for those with cognitive issues. Soothing and calming music with the touch of one button! 


Additional Reviews on the iGuerburn Player

It gives convenience to old people to select the appropriate input source. They can select the songs of their choice with ease. The system also features a standard jack, also called a headphone jack. It has the capacity to load nearly 4000 songs or audiobooks of your choice.

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