ASMR – Listening to Check

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Hi everyone!

In today’s video, you are having a hearing test 🎧
The ASMR triggers you will encounter are: soft-spoken voice, whispers, writing sounds, personal attention and multi-directional sounds.

0:00 : Questionnaire
5:07 : Test n°1 – testing out high and low frequencies sounds
12:20 : Test n°2 – left side or right side
19:13 : Test n°3 – when can you hear the sound
24:56 : Test n°4 – words
29:00 : Test n°5 – words with background sounds
36:19 : Advice on how to avoid noise-induced hearing loss

Regarding the background sounds during Test n°5, from 29’51 to 31’25 you can hear is “Distant bird and wind 1 hour by ZenCatto”, from 31’26 to 33’29 is “Bubbles medium 2” on loop from and from 33’30 to 35’27 you can hear Rain in Forest 1 hour by Bearded Audio ASMR. I highly encourage you to go check his channel:

The other different sounds were designed by my partner.

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