3 Supplements That Can Aid Longevity

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We know that aiding longevity and life expectancy involves a variety of factors, such as our diet, exercise and other matters, but are there supplements that can aid the process and give us more options about how we age? “Scientists believe that there are some supplements that can naturally activate our longevity genes,” Lewis Dartnell … Read more

The Two Key Tools Jerry Seinfeld Uses To Stay Productive & Creative

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Jerry Seinfeld, at 66, has some firm views on how to age well and age less – quite apart from continuing a high-volume, creative output. He puts his plan down to two key ‘tools’ that he has described in detail while talking on the Tim Ferris show. The tools? Transcendental Meditation and Weight Training. Transcendental … Read more

How Exercising Helps Struggle Ageing

We know that exercise is a major assistant when it comes to slowing the aging process and retaining overall good health. Regular exercise throughout adulthood may protect our muscles against age-related loss and damage later, according to a new study of lifelong athletes and their thighs. The study also finds that active older men’s muscles … Read more