What Is The VERY Best Yoga Mat?

You may think that all Yoga mats are created equal. However, you would be wrong. There are a variety of Yoga mats on the market and many have aspects that do not create them to be ‘equal’. For instance, consider the key criteria for a good Yoga mat, which includes factors like the following – … Read more

Four Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying a Fitbit

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Fitbit devices have become enormously popular, but the question remains: Do YOU need one? There are a number of questions you can ask in that regard to work out whether they will be worth the investment for yourself and your health and fitness requirements. And we’ve looked at some of the key questions you need … Read more

How Exercising Helps Struggle Ageing

We know that exercise is a major assistant when it comes to slowing the aging process and retaining overall good health. Regular exercise throughout adulthood may protect our muscles against age-related loss and damage later, according to a new study of lifelong athletes and their thighs. The study also finds that active older men’s muscles … Read more

Kate Upton’s Simple Steps To Fitness

Model and actress Kate Upton has long enjoyed a reputation for both her beauty and her fitness, but following a successful association with trainer Ben Bruno she has developed a simple workout routine that she has developed into Strong4Me, a 12 week program. The first part of the 12 week program is shared with Health.com … Read more

The BMI Calculator For Men, Women & Kids

The Body Mass Index is the tool used to measure your appropriate weight for age. The calculator (below) can help you do that quickly, but in fact recent reports indicate that a brand new index may be more accurate in assessing your appropriate weight. And that is the Relative Fat Mass Index (RFM) The team … Read more