Here Is The Top-Ranked European City in the Safe Cities Index

The recently released Safe Cities Index as deemed Amsterdam as the top ranked European city in a ranking survey that included 60 cities across five continents.

Amsterdam saw a rise in its ranking, which including non-European countries, rising from sixth place in 2017 to fourth place in 2019. It’s particular attraction in the rankings was for healthcare access.

The survey measured issues of urban safety, with indicators organised across the four pillars of digital, infrastructure, health and personal security and among the other leading cities were Stockholm (12), London (14) Frankfurt (16) and Zurich (tied at 18).

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Naka Kondo, senior editor of The Economist Intelligence Unit and editor of the SCI2019 report, said: “Overall, while wealth is among the most important determinants of safety, the levels of transparency – and governance – correlate as closely as income with index scores.

“Our research shows the many ways that transparency and accountability are essential in every pillar of urban security, from building safer bridges to developing the trust needed for relevant stakeholders to share information on cyber-attacks.

“The research highlights how different types of safety are thoroughly intertwined.

“While European cities like Amsterdam and Stockholm continue to do well in health security, other safety pillars such as digital security must go in concert with every aspect of urban safety to protect citizens from cyber threats.

“Policies, service planning and provision should also take this into account—and this year, we have decided to convene stakeholders from around the world in a Safe Cities Summit to discuss such matters around urban safety.”

Irene Mia, the global editorial director of The Economist Intelligence Unit, said: “Of the 14 European cities in the Index, only Istanbul and Moscow fall below the average score of 71.2 globally.

“Although European cities generally perform well in health security, they tend to struggle in the category of digital security and London is the only European city in the top ten in this category.”
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