How Did Jennifer Aniston Perfect Her Skincare Routine?

Few women today have been quite so studied as Jennifer Aniston. This is the woman whose haircut launched a million copycats, who made The Zone Diet a thing, and introduced yoga to middle America. Her every beauty move is documented, dissected and duplicated by her legions of fans in an effort to recreate just a fraction of that effortless California vibe that has become her trademark. “Yeah, it’s so sweet but so odd,” she reflects when asked (for what must surely be the millionth time) why it is she’s become such a muse. “I think it’s just because I try to be myself. There’s nothing I can really hide, I can’t get away with anything. Life is messy, you see what you see, you get what you get … maybe that’s it?”

Now, she’s back in the spotlight thanks to her role in The Morning Show, coming to Apple TV+ this fall. Why the return to episodic television after a hiatus of 15 years? “I just love morning talk shows,” she says of the series, which she also co-produced.

“I’ve always watched them and found them very comforting—except when the hosts changed, which was very jarring as I’m such a creature of habit.”

And while the trailer hints at a juicy plot packed with behind the scenes power struggles, it is the clip in which her character is shown waking up for work at 3:30 am and breaking out the gel eye mask patches that will have beauty junkies pressing pause and wondering, how does she look so good at the crack of dawn? “Eye masks and cryo sticks,” she says.

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