10 Top Skincare Tips For Anti Ageing Youthful Skin

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Having great skin is a key focus for many and to develop anti ageing practices is top of the agenda for many of us. Among the very best tips to have great skin are the following top, anti ageing skincare tips for ever-youthful skin. 1. Eat Properly It’s obvious, we know, but to eat properly … Read more

The Two Key Tools Jerry Seinfeld Uses To Stay Productive & Creative

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Jerry Seinfeld, at 66, has some firm views on how to age well and age less – quite apart from continuing a high-volume, creative output. He puts his plan down to two key ‘tools’ that he has described in detail while talking on the Tim Ferris show. The tools? Transcendental Meditation and Weight Training. Transcendental … Read more

Four Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying a Fitbit

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Fitbit devices have become enormously popular, but the question remains: Do YOU need one? There are a number of questions you can ask in that regard to work out whether they will be worth the investment for yourself and your health and fitness requirements. And we’ve looked at some of the key questions you need … Read more

The Health Benefits of Zinc – A Product Your Body Does NOT Produce

Zinc has numerous health benefits ranging from immunity benefits (particularly vital during the coronavirus pandemic) and has a range of other health benefits. Because your body doesn’t naturally produce zinc it is a nutrient that needs to be obtained through supplements or other, ‘outside sources’. So what are the health benefits of zinc, including its … Read more

How Shopping Amazon Can Find Top Over-the-Counter Medications

It’s not always necessary to go to the drug store for over-the-counter medications to handle pain medications that can deal with your mild symptoms and aches and pains. The Amazon Basic Care products include a wide range of pain relievers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)—like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen sodium—and acetaminophen. Amazon offers 22 different OTC … Read more