Testing BANNED NBA Basketball Sneakers PART 2! With Athletic Hoopers (JUMP TEST)

Testing Banned NBA Basketball Shoes PART 2! With Athletic Hoopers (Jump Test) | I Bought/tested out Banned NBA Sneakers pt 2 aka the APL Boomers performance review/test! | What’s up everyone, so I tested out some sneakers that were banned by the NBA because they claim they make you jump higher! But in part 1 (link below to watch) I had non-athletic people try & people were telling me to get athletic basketball players and test them out again, so here you go! Do these actually work and are they worth the hefty price tag? Watch before you buy and comment what you think!

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Test: 1:23
Overall: 15:28

APL Boomers: https://www.athleticpropulsionlabs.com/products/mens-concept-boomer-space-grey-white

Watch Testing Banned NBA Shoes Part 1!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VccblGJ8KBI

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Shot by Derrell Wyche, Matteo Greenberg & Tony Ha

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