The BMI Calculator For Men, Women & Kids

The Body Mass Index is the tool used to measure your appropriate weight for age.

The calculator (below) can help you do that quickly, but in fact recent reports indicate that a brand new index may be more accurate in assessing your appropriate weight. And that is the Relative Fat Mass Index (RFM)

The team of researchers behind RFM say it’s more accurate than BMI, and it can also be worked out with just a tape measure – so you don’t need a set of scales to calculate it, as you do with BMI.

In the case of RFM, it’s the distance around your waist in relation to your height that counts, rather than your weight. The researchers say that gives a better idea of whether someone’s body fat is at a healthy level or not.

“We wanted to identify a more reliable, simple and inexpensive method to assess body fat percentage without using sophisticated equipment,” says lead researcher Orison Woolcott, from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in California.

If you want to check your BMI, we have the calculator below.

BMI Calculator will instantly interpret your BMI. You can also store the results and follow your progress in the course of time.

The interpretation of the results comes from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services and from the Health Canada government web-sites.

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