The Life and Profession of “Check” Andrew Martin

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Wrestling Bios Presents – The Life and Career of “Test” Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin, better known as his ring name Test, made his WWE debut towards the end of 1998. Coming into the World Wrestling Federation in 1998 as a newcomer was no easy task, the Attitude Era had began picking up a ton of steam and new guys had to prove themselves both in the ring and in the locker room. Test was able to stick around in the WWF during the attitude era, leading to a career that had many ups and downs.

When Motley Crue showed up in the WWF to play some music to wrestling fans, their huge bodyguard was by their side. The bodyguard would also test the band’s microphones, hence the name “Test” which Andrew would go on to become famous for. A few months after the Motley Crue performances, Test reappeared in the WWF, aligning himself with The Rock and The Corporation. From here, Test would go on to have a multi-year career with the WWE that included many title wins and some interesting storylines.

Many people will remember the Stephanie McMahon / Test wedding of 1999, the Test and Albert tag team, the “Un-Americans” stable, and Test’s on-screen relationship with real life girlfriend Stacy Keibler. This video covers all these topics and more.

Topics covered:

00:00 – Test before the WWF
04:06 – Test makes his WWF debut with Motley Crue
07:31 – The Stephanie McMahon Wedding
13:15 – Test & Albert
14:23 – Test finds success during the WCW / ECW invasion
16:25 – The Un-Americans Faction
18:10 – Stacy Keibler, Test and Scott Steiner
19:49 – Test in WWE ECW
22:09 – The passing of Andrew “Test” Martin

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