Vegan Bicycle owner 20 min FTP TEST (LIVE)

I just got done doing a huge 3 week endurance block. 20 hours a week for 3 weeks, with 1 week recovery. On December 1st I did a 20 min test on Zwift after not really training at all, and hit 311 for 20 mins, (298 ftp) at 163lbs. NOW, 4 weeks later, at 155lbs, were gonna see where I land with the test.

Now even though doing 60 hours in 3 weeks sounds like it should send my FTP to the moon, it wasnt about intensity. It was all endurance, so I didnt build the high end of my motor. That will come later in the year but I needed to set a good base to build on. My best ever 20min power was back in May, when I hit 380 on a steep climb. No way I will do close to that now, but I am hoping for 330-345.

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