What Is The VERY Best Yoga Mat?

You may think that all Yoga mats are created equal.

However, you would be wrong. There are a variety of Yoga mats on the market and many have aspects that do not create them to be ‘equal’.

For instance, consider the key criteria for a good Yoga mat, which includes factors like the following –

Stickiness, knee support, the ability to travel easily are all really important.

You may also be looking for a mat that is an eco-friendly mat.

If you want something that is lightweight and supportive at the same time, the Manduka eKO Lite mat is a favorite that should suit most people seeking the various qualities available in a good Yoga mat.

Best Overall: Manduka eKO LITE Yoga Mat

When we asked about the best lightweight yoga mat, yoga teachers kept coming back to one mat in particular: the Manduka eKO LITE.

“This is my mat of choice and has been for nearly six years,” says Chen. “It’s supportive with the right amount of give without too much sponginess and great for Vinyasa classes.” While it isn’t super heavy, it has enough weight to keep it in place during your practice. And it only gets better with use.

It’s also lightweight enough (5 lbs.) permitting it to be easily taken on the road. It will travel well and when unfolded it settles back into shape instantly.

It is also affordable.

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